Feb 08

Brees family enjoying their life.

Drew Brees : New Orleans Saints quarterback and Super Bowl XLIV MVP is no stranger to the Pilates  Method.  Together he and his wife Brittany travel the world incorporating Pilates and the principles it was founded on into hybrid Pilates weight bearing workout routines including ..

Hybrid Pilates workouts on their Total Gym  and using their TRX Bodyweight Training Program to improve their lifestyle and performance.

Brtitney discusses their workout on the Total Gym. 

Drew describes the TRX program. “ Like Pilates mat work – It’s just your body weight working against gravity, so you won’t get injured.  Now my wife uses  the TRX at home, and I’m addicted”.

I describe it to people as a combination of pilates, core strength work, cable workout, and bodyweight exercises all in one.

Engage your core like never before, find yourself a certified pilates instructor and begin to  incorporate Pilates into your workout today!

written by PalmBeach

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