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Aug 12


” I’ve been doing Pilates and yoga, trying to lean out my body so I won’t be bulky.”

Tennis phenomenon Serena Williams has taken up Pilates, the fastest growing activity in the country (Up 450% with over 8.5 million participants in the US) …to get stronger? No to lean out her body so payday loans direct lender its not so bulky.

The super castle payday star explains that her new hybrid Pilates workout includes Pilates two to three times a week…. just like Joseph Pilates suggested in his book “Return to Life Through Contrology.’ Published 65 years ago.

“In 10 sessions, you will feel the difference. In 20, you will see the difference. And in 30, you’ll be on your way to having a whole new body.”

Is it working? Williams said that direct payday lenders she has Pilates to thank for her new slim line look… “She claims Pilates gave her results within a week” , she dropped from a size 12 to payday loans online a size 10, and her famous rear end is now a great deal smaller.

Williams Ipproves Bottom Line

Serena Williams shows off her new svelte silhouette on July’s cover of Sports Illustrated in a stunning spread for the August 2010 issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Williams has become the queen of lean. After she won the Australian Open (The Grand Slam of Asia) in January,

“I wanted to get really fit. I wanted to lose some weight. So I’ve been doing Pilates and Yoga, trying to lean out my body so I won’t be bulky.”

Her regimen: Pilates two or three times a week and when she’s training for a tournament, “a couple of hours of hitting, then an hour or two of cardio and strengthening in the gym.”

Serena began incorporating Pilates into her workout in January 2010 when she finished the Australian Open. In the six months that followed Serena’s serve has become magical. Her 1st serve sounded like a shot-gun in the New Wimbledon stadium with an average speed that exceeded 105 mph and a top speed 122 mph. That’s a lot faster than the payday advance loans fastest major league baseball pitch @ 109 mph.

Martina Navratilova former #1 in the 80’s who won 167 career titles (all-time record for men or women) credits Pilates with helping her body return to

payday loans direct lender


the flexibility she enjoyed in her late – ‘80s heyday. Navratilova commented on Serena’s serve from her front row seat. “Serena’s serve is astonishing, the best ever for a woman.” Pilates added years to Navratilova’s career and William’s new Hybrid Pilates workout is just what Serena needs to add more years to her career.

Williams said that she has Pilates to thank for her new slim line look…but what about her dazzling serve? A study shows that Pilates could have something to do with it. Kimberly Sewright a Doctoral Candidate at UMass with a Masters in Exercise Science conducted a study of 16 male, collegiate tennis players in 2004 that showed a significant increase in both tennis serve velocity and muscular endurance after only six weeks of Pilates Mat training 2 X a week.

“I always can rely on my serve, but I’ve never been able to rely on it as much as I did in this tournament.”

Does she diet? “I don’t even know the D word” – before adding that she sticks to “smaller portions of every meal, a lot of grilled or baked chicken or fish, and steamed veggies but I can never turn down a good piece of cherry pie and for cocktail (she likes the peach ones).”Pilates-Babs-Buy-The-Dolphians

She is an amazing women like project payday reviews so many other women that incorporate Pilates into their lifestyle. She and her sister Venus joined Pilates mavensJennifer Lopez , Gloria Estefan and Fergie in becoming limited ownership partners in the National Football League’s Miami Dolphins.

Fergie attributes her toned muscles and the rock hard abs that she’s been flaunting in her recent music videos to Piloxing, a Hybrid form of Pilates that combines Pilates with Boxing. (more on that later)

Today Serena is living the American dream. She grew up in a poor LA neighborhood but because of her instant payday loans drive and two great parents that deeply cared about their kids future, her reach has exceeded her grasp.

At 28 years old she has founded and created her own skincare and clothing label, she is an Olympic Gold medalist, philanthropist and the best woman tennis player in the world and she is a good person. Her friends describe payday 2 crimewave edition her as an incredible person- Beautiful, intelligent, fun and spiritual.

She has won more money than any female athlete since the beginning of mankind but Pilates will improve her lifestyle in more ways than she can imagine. payday loans in delaware It will improve the way she looks, online payday loans prevent injuries, enhance her performance and help her to be “The Best That Ever Was.”

Engage your core like never before. Find your self a certified Pilates teacher and begin incorporating Pilates into your training program today. You’ll get the results that you are looking for and more than you ever dreamed of.


written by PalmBeach

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2 Responses to “Pilates Helps Tennis Star Improve Bottom Line”

  1. 1. Waye Says:

    It’s great when successful sports stars like Serena speak about how pilates has helped them – it only helps to boost the name of pilates.

  2. 2. newtopilates Says:

    Wow the transformation of Serena is AMAZING!! She looks gorgeous!!! I am so inspired to give up weight training for Pilates. I have a similar body type as she does and if it’s results like that I will see in 30, I’m in!! Serena looks so beautiful. The long, lean look fits her more so and compliments her natural strength!!

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