Jun 15

Gisele Bundchen Brady has been keeping a pretty low profile since giving birth. Now she is back in shape and men around the world, including her husband NFL QB Tom Brady are amazed at the results.

Gisele, known for her toned physique and luscious looks, told Vogue magazine that muscle memory and Pilates are to thank for the svelte figure she displayed on stage at the Sao Paulo Brazil‘s Fashion show only six months after giving birth……

43 Year Old Pilates Enhanced Cindy Crawford

It looks like Gisele will follow in the footsteps of other beautiful supermodels like Cindy Crawford and a host of other in-demand, working mommy models who are trying to balance the American dream of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness

At age 43, Cindy Crawford looks better than ever on the March Cover of Harper’s Bazaar in the UK. How does the mother of two look so good?

Crawford attributes her looks to “regular Pilates sessions, cardio workouts and a high protein diet.” Cindy was quoted as saying ”I think I’m holding together pretty good” and by this Harpers Bazaar pictures…. no one will disagree.

My advice

to men around the world… make up any excuse to give your better-half Pilates training from a certified Pilates teacher who knows…you will never regret it. “My husband [Tim McGraw] loves it.” Faith Hill.

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  1. 1. Dmarie Says:

    Gisele and Cindy look amazing! I’m sure they use a pilates routine, however diet is a good portion of it too. Congrats to them for staying so young and beautiful over the years!

  2. 2. Cintia Bellini Says:


    Follow mw, PILATES IN BRAZIL!!



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