Dec 10
Oprah Winfrey, Halle Berry, Barack Obama

Two Pilates enthusiasts. Oprah Winfrey and Halle Berry showed off their svelte Pilates look on the red carpet. What else do they have in common besides being well-paid, beautiful Hollywood celebrities? They think Barack Obama if fit to be president and endorsing his candidacy. What do you think?

It has been reported that Barack Obama works out all the time and “doesn’t have enough fat on his body to make a butter pat.”

To stay in shape Oprah says she does at least 30 minutes of aerobics a day resistance training, and Pilates two to three times a week. She considers it a “spiritual act”, where she practices the principles of Pilates “moving out from the center, awareness, harmony, balance, and control to help me embody where I’m going with my life.” “I did Pilates every day this summer,” she told PEOPLE Magazine. “I’m moving from my core. I move differently. Pilates really has changed my life.”

“I do not have the genetics or body type to function without exercise. She must make a daily choice to exercise to stay fit. “I started Pilates ’cause I’m always looking for the deeper meaning in everything. The deeper meaning is that everything does operate from your core. It’s not about the pain and the 100 breaths; it’s about moving out from the center.”

Halle has no problem working her butt off as long as she doesn’t have to do it for too long, and as long as she sees results.

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